2022 Presentations

Christine Danhoff
Let Student Creation SOAR!
All areas, All levels

Looking for new ways for your students to creatively demonstrate their learning and build their 4C’s? Get ready to learn how to integrate tools such as Book Creator, Write Reader, Flipgrid, Canva, and Adobe Spark into your content for students to create, communicate, and collaborate with others. Let student creation SOAR!

Christine Danhoff
Get Caught Up in the Code!
All areas, All levels

You mean coding can be taught by ANYONE, and in ALL SUBJECTS?! WHAT?! Learn how to incorporate resources such as Code.org, Google CS First, literacy resources, robotics, coding apps, and unplugged coding activities can support you in integrating computer science into the curriculum with your K-8 students. Empower your students to learn logic, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and see what they can do!

Ryan Collins
Rock Google Slides Like the Boss You Are
All areas, All levels

Google Slides is more than presentations. It can be used to not only create documents, but Google Slides can also create interactive activities for students of all grade levels. While the session will cover alternative uses of Google Slides, some topics will be usable with other presentation software. Some topics include: Emoji clipart, editing graphics, comics, interactives/drag and drop, animations, self-guided lessons, students present wirelessly from their own Chromebook, and more.

Troy Cummins
Take Your Students on the Journey of a Lifetime-Everyday!
All Areas, All levels

I would like to introduce teachers to the incredible tools that are a part of the Google Geo Tools: Maps, Earth, Arts & Culture. Being able to “experience” a place helps to build the scaffolding students need to both draw them in and help them to understand all that we are trying to teach them. Context matters, and Google has some incredible ways to help build that context in ways that will bring our teaching to life.

Bethany Foos
3D Design with Littles
All areas, All levels

Take the leap and allow your students to explore 3D Design with Tinkercad! Students are able to explore, design and express their creativity with this online platform. Are you unsure of yourself? Don’t know where to start? Let me help you understand the basics of this wonderful tool and let’s discover the endless options of how this can be implemented into your classroom tomorrow! Bring your laptop to the session.

Chris Hamady
Gaming/eSports PC Architecture for Anyone 
All areas, All levels

Attendees to this session will learn how to distinguish between the infinite models of gaming PCs available, in an effort to assist them with picking out equipment for their school, district, or home. Attendees will leave knowing how to select the best equipment at specific price points for gaming, eSports programs, or 3D animation design classes.

Dominic Helmstetter
Slide into Google Greatness!
Social Studies, Grades 7-12

Are you looking to SUPERCHARGE your classroom? Want to increase student engagement, and gather real-time data and assessment, all while having fun and changing the way your students think about and interact with your content? If so, then SLIDE into this session and check out some of the very best ways to juice up learning in your classroom. In this presentation, we will cover amazing interactive teaching strategies and focus on how to use VISUAL design to make your presentations come to life. We will learn how to implement EDUPROTOCOL lesson frames that will help you drive student-centered, student-led learning, increase student choice, and MORE! We will slam as much value as possible into this fun, exciting and interactive session that you surely do not want to miss!

Stephanie Howell
Controlling the Chaos Hacks
All areas, All levels

Are you ready to learn quick hacks that you can use to help control the chaos in your classroom? During this session you will learn and take away resources. Some of the topics we will cover are ways to help your students with executive functioning skills, classroom management skills, and making your classroom run effectively.

Kristie Hughes
50 Nifty Chrome Extensions
All areas, All levels.

Chrome Extensions are programs that can be installed to extend the functionality of Chrome. This fast paced session will highlight 50 extensions for teachers and students. Extensions such as removing clutter from articles, voice messaging, annotating documents, increasing readability on websites, creating videos, saving content from the web, and more will be shown. Learn how to add useful extensions to customize Chrome for you and your students!

Kristie Hughes
Work Smarter, Not Harder!
All areas, All levels

This session will highlight ways you can organize your digital life, save time, and work more efficiently. We will discuss tips on using Google Chrome more effectively, Google Drive, Gmail, and more. Come to this session to work smarter, not harder!

Mandolyn Grattan
Creating Global Learners: Designing Engaging Virtual Field Trips with Google Earth and Web 2.0
All areas, All levels

In this session, educators will learn to create global learners and support hands-on inquiry through the creation of virtual field trips utilizing Google Earth and Web 2.0 tools. Attendees will see a sample teacher-created field trip, learn the basics of trip building and integration of Web 2.0 tools for comprehension checks and student accountability, discover Google Voyager, and discuss possible angles of approach as we integrate this amazing tech into our classrooms. 

T. Kitson
Becoming a Google Certified Educator
All areas, All levels

Participants will learn about the process and benefits of becoming a Google certified educator.  The presentation uses data about Google’s growth in the field of education to discuss research-based pedagogy for its use.  There is lots of opportunity for interaction among participants and with the presenter.

Chris Malanga
I WANT my students to escape! Adding Digital Escape Rooms to your Teaching Toolbox
All areas, All levels

Digital escape rooms are a free way to get your students communicating and collaborating while using their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, along with their creativity to BREAKOUT! During this session, attendees will learn about what digital breakouts are and why to use them, participate in a digital challenge from a student perspective and learn how to make their own digital breakouts using free Google tools.

Chris Malanga
Get on the SOLE train! Using questions to drive learning.
All areas, All levels

SOLE – Self Organized Learning Environments – is a simple educational approach designed to promote inquiry and foster self-empowerment! In the SOLE process, students ponder a BIG question, investigate, and present their findings. Teachers become a guide on the side instead of the sage on the stage. This session will take educators through the SOLE process and introduce them to excellent FREE tools for facilitating SOLE. Get on the SOLE train!

Keven Rinaman
3D Printing in YOUR Classroom
All areas, All levels

Now that many schools have 3D printers, the question is, “How do I use it in my classroom?” In this session, educators will not only get hands-on with 3D design software (TinkerCAD) and participate in a 3D printing classroom activity, but they will also learn about a wide variety of successful lessons. Teachers will also learn about where to find ideas and ways to get students started creating and will have the opportunity to ask questions along the way. Participants are sure to leave this workshop full of ideas and excited to get started on projects!

Keven Rinaman
Let’s Get Ready to TINKERCAD!
All areas, All levels

Interested in 3D Printing but don’t feel confident in TinkerCAD?   In this workshop, teachers will get hands-on experience with 3D design and create a digital artifact of their own!  Starting with a walk-through of the icons and moving into building a personalized object, teachers of all grade levels will walk away feeling comfortable using TinkerCAD in the classroom and equipped with projects, ideas, and resources to get started.  Educators at all levels of expertise will benefit from this highly interactive session that will provide guided practice, sample lesson plans, and curation of where to find inspiration online for future projects.

Andrea Schak
Bolster Classroom Discussions with Pear Deck
All Areas, All Levels

During the presentation, attendees will join and interact with the Pear Deck and discuss how just a couple slides enhanced with Pear Deck can bolster classroom discussion and critical thinking. Examples will include all grade levels and content areas. During the presentation, we will briefly discuss the teacher dashboard in Pear Deck and how the different features can be used to guide discussion and help students self-reflect. Attendees will receive a digital copy of all the Pear Deck example slides to use and edit in the future. Bring your laptop or tablet!

Brent Shafer
Classroom and Facilities Sound Reinforcement – Leveraging 70/100V Commercial Equipment for Budget Friendly Performance!
All areas, All levels

This presentation on classroom and facilities sound system design, was initially intended for district-level IT administration but, upon further reflection, may also be of interest to STEM faculty, science teachers, audiophiles and hobbyists! ALL are welcome!

Paul Shircliff
Maker Centered Learning in every classroom
All areas, All levels

We are all born Makers. Making is how we experience and learn about the world, from mudpies to blanket forts to make believe to innovations. Yet, for some reason we stop or don’t include that in our school experiences. Maker Centered Learning (MCL) is not a “new” pedagogy, it is a mashup of ideas from education icons Montessori, Dewey, Vygotsky, Piaget, and Papert. MCL helps develop habits of mind that most businesses say they want in employees and, more than that, it helps people develop skills, abilities and attitudes that will help them thrive in society, maybe even make the world a better place. It is not one more thing to add to teachers’ plates, but a different, and better, way of doing what they had been doing. 

James Stanton
Creating a class for innovative thinking
Fine Arts, ELA, Grades 9-12

This is an interactive presentation that challenges the audience to think about how to create a class that targets innovative thinking and ideas. We’ll also see why a class like this is relevant to students and will prepare them for jobs after they finish their schooling as well as see how teachers teach in this style of class.  I will use my experience from the Innovations and Advanced Innovations classes here at Maumee High School to give the audience actionable materials they could use to start a program at their district.  There will also be time to brainstorm and discuss what teachers and resources would be needed in their district. 

Mark Steven
Augmented Reality – Work Smarter not Harder
All areas, All levels

Get ready to explore the Halo AR App from Lightup. AR has finally returned! We’ll download and experience the App and then brainstorm uses for AR by teachers and students at all grade levels and in all curriculum content areas. The session will require access to a good, stable internet connection. Attendees will utilize their personal cell phones during the session. Attendees will download and install Halo AR. After creating a free account, they will create their first AR content. An open discussion on the application and integration of AR using Halo AR will follow this hands on learning experience.

Allison Switzer and Jenna Bachmayer
Integrating Technology Within the UDL Framework
All areas, Grades 5-8

Allison and Jenna have worked together for 4 years creating a Universal Design for Learning framework that fits the needs of our students at Rossford Junior High. Students have access to our grids at the beginning of each unit. With this, students are able to work at their own pace and the unit is differentiated to different learning styles. From tutorial videos, to digital links, we provide opportunities to make our math classroom a digital platform.

Lauryn Wolfe
Podcasts with a Purpose: Teaching Podcasting in the Classroom
All areas, Grades 9-12

In my session, I would share how I used podcasts in the classroom. I would show teachers how to utilize the Open Source Software, Audacity, and give examples of how teachers can use this program in their own classroom. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, even with students, and if they have never listened to one, they have heard of them before. Podcasts are a great way to open up the channels of interest for our students and expose them to new cultures and topics. By the end of my session, teachers will understand how to introduce podcasts as well as have students write and create their own. Attendees will want to bring laptops and headphones.