Keynote Presenter

2018 CREATE! Keynote Presentation


Mark Suter, the 2018 District 1 Ohio Teacher of the Year Award winner, has been a computer science, game design, and entrepreneurship teacher for 11 years. Mark’s classroom is a hybrid of a mad-scientist’s laboratory and a traveling circus. Mistakes are encouraged, iteration is frequent, and expectations are high.

Mark is director of a student-run business, that provides web design services for area businesses. Students learn what they need to in a “just in time” manner rather than a “just in case” one. Real world consequences, both positive and negative, are a part of the everyday experience to provide relevance and urgency.

His students are also developing VR apps for the HTC Vive using the Unity development platform as part of an “Intro to Programming” course. Students deploy games they design to a full-size arcade machine made by students.

Mark has also won the 2015 Henry Ford Innovation Nation Innovative Teacher award, and is an Adobe Certified Associate Educator and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.