Keynote Presenter

2022 CREATE! Keynote Presentation

Mr. Byron Jones

We are excited to announce that this year’s keynote will feature a presentation by Sylvania Schools’ computer science and programming instructor, Mr. Byron Jones.  Mr. Jones has designed a unique, creative, award-winning learning environment for his students by mirroring experiences and concepts from the business world.

Students in his classes are asked to “pitch” ideas to him, very much like they would in a real world business environment. Mr. Jones then guides the students through the entire iterative, design process as they move from rough concept to finished, refined iOS or Android application for phones and tablets. Once the students have completed their projects, computer technology and marketing leaders from around NW Ohio meet with the students as they present and demonstrate their projects, and then provide the students with invaluable feedback from “experts in the field.” The results are impressive.

Sylvania’s computer science and programming students have won numerous national awards over the past five years for their innovative application designs, exceptional computer programming techniques, and phone/tablet application development.

Hours from CREATE! can be applied toward graduate credit at BGSU. Details are available HERE.