Keynote Presenter

2023 CREATE! Keynote Presentation

ChatGPT and AI in Education!

We are excited to announce that this year’s keynote will feature a panel discussion of ChatGPT, and other artificial intelligence tools, facilitated by a number of educational leaders from NW Ohio. They will answer questions from a moderator, as well as answer questions from conference attendees. What is ChatGPT? How will it affect education? Should AI be banned in schools? How can AI be used within the learning process? How can ChatGPT and other AI tools be used by students in a positive manner?

Our panelists for this discussion are as follows:

Marie Arter- Former curriculum director, and former principal of multiple schools located both within the United States, and internationally.

Dr. Allison Goedde- Educational technology professor for Bowling Green State University.

Dr. Carrie Hamady- Chair of the department of public and allied health at Bowling Green State University.

Jason Apgar- High school history and government teacher for Anthony Wayne Local Schools.

Alvin Trusty- Former educational technology professor for the University of Findlay, and current director of technology for Liberty- Benton schools.

Steve Varga- Junior high English language arts teacher for Anthony Wayne Local Schools.

Hours from CREATE! can be applied toward graduate credit at BGSU. Details are available HERE.