CREATE! Advisory Board

Thank you to all of our advisory board members for their support of CREATE! These educational leaders truly understand the importance of instructional reform, innovative instruction that integrates: project-based learning, authentic learning experiences, and the injection of creativity into the entire instructional process and lesson delivery. Our advisory board members are:

Marie Arter

Ryan Collins

Jason Dugan

Julianne Lange

Dr. Allison Goedde

Chris Malanga

John Mansel-Pleydell

Sheryl O’Shea

Carrie Rathsack

Chad Rex

Dawn Schiavone

Michelle Shafer

Brent Shafer

Alvin Trusty

Carrie Hamady

Again, we are truly grateful to each one of these special people for their support of the conference and its objectives, and their dedication to keeping CREATE! NW Ohio’s finest teaching and learning event.

Chris Hamady

Founder of the CREATE! Conference